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Louis Vuitton Bag for traveling

Thurs ,September 26, 2019:Aoyama, Louis Vuitton



Hello guys!!

We are Amore Vintage Aoyama!

How have you been?

Summer is about to over soon & Autumn is coming!

Autumn is kind of the season everybody wants to take a rest & go traveling!!


Today, we are going to introduce for it…

Louis Vuitton Travel bag!



Louis Vuitton “Speedy” and “Keepall” are useful for traveling!

Because there are variety of sizes, colors & types! (25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60cm)

We call the size fo 25~ 40 LV Boston Bag “Speedy”

and call the size of 45 ~ 60 LV Boston Bag “Keepall”.

So Everybody can chose the bag witch it is suitable for you & the way to use!


Also we have a lots of types!


(Speedy 25 × Takashi Murakami ¥368,000)

(EPI Speedy 30 ¥89,800)

(EPI Speedy 35 ¥98,000)

(Speedy 40 Monogram ¥79,800)

(Keepall 45 × Takasi Murakami ¥498,000)

(Coin case × Takashi Murakami ¥69,800)

(Keepall 50 × Takashi Murakami ¥698,000)

(Keepall 55 × Takashi Murakami ¥1,480,000)


We hope you can enjoy this Autumn with LV Travel Bag!!


And we have more at our store &?onlinestore!!

Please come visit us!!



(but we are not responsible for import taxes)

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