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Vintage GUCCI Flora line item

Tues ,September 24, 2019:GUCCI, Aoyama

Hello, this is AMORE Aoyama store staff.

Today I’d like to share Vintage GUCCI flora patterned items with you all.

I’m going to talk about “Flora” a little bit first.



“Flora” is one of a ICONIC Gucci design and it is inspired by actoress Grace Kelly.

One day Grace Kelly stopped at Gucci store in Milano and purchased green bamboo bag.

Rodolfo Gucci was thinking that he wants to gift something for her and he asked.

Grace Kelly said that she wants a scarf, so Rodolfo Gucci offered to famous illustrator Vittorio Accornero to design beautiful flower pattern.

They completed that scarf surprisingly next day and Grace Kelly loved it very much.

That’s how “flora” starts.

Here are the Flora patterned items we have!

Price : ¥98,000 JPY

Measurements :

W 23.0 x H 20.0 x D 7.0 cm
Strap Drop. 53.0 cm



Material :

Plastic, Fabric and leather


It is very retro and cute.

Not something normal but interesting one.


The condition is quite good and there are no big damages.

There is gold plate detail and number inside.

That would be really cute if you wear it over a coat for cold seasons.


Vintage Gucci flora patterned scarf

Price : ¥24,800 JPY

Measurements : W 88.0 x H 85.0 cm

Material : Silk


This item isn’t available on website but you can order through Gmail or Instagram DM.

It has beautiful floral drawing and very elegant.

You can tie it around you neck or put on your head.

You can play so many ways with it.


The condition is good and there is no damage.

It is good idea to gift them to your mother or grandmother, she will loves them for sure.


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Thank you for reading as always and see you next time!