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Everybody loves GUCCI

Tues ,August 20, 2019:GUCCI, Aoyama

Hello everyone from Amore Vintage Aoyama!!

Today, We want to share about….




Nowadays GUCCI is known & Loved

by all generations from all over the world!!



In specific,

GUCCI has two characteristics in terms of bags!



First, everybody has seen the line of green & red!!

So-called Shelly line!




The second one is…

GG supreme!!!


Also this is the ICON of GUCCI.


Gucci GG supreme pouch

¥29,800(tax in)

Gucci GG supreme Shelly line pouch

¥39,800(tax in)


Gucci GG supreme clutch bag

¥49,800(tax in)


Gucci GG supreme Shelly line bum bag

¥79,800(tax in)


Gucci GG supreme mini Boston bag

¥69,800(tax in)

Many celebrities & fashion icons love it!!!

You must see them on magazines or instagram etc!!

Those are like must-have items right now!!

What we want to mention is that

we have plenty of those items at our store or on our?online store!




Please come visit to our store & check it out if you are interested!!

You may find the items you are looking for!!!!



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