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Versace clothing line

Mon ,August 19, 2019:OTHER, Aoyama

Hello, everyone!

Today, I want to introduce Versace clothing line from AMORE Aoyama to you all.

It is known as the icon of Medusa and you can find many clothes that have strong impact.

Usually most of items are used various colors so It looks difficult to wear it but once you wear it, you would be addicted to Versace.

Versace cotton jacket

¥59,800(JPY) Size #44

Long sleeve logo T-shirt

¥32,800(JPY) Size #S

Malti colored pants

¥29,800(JPY) Size #42

Malti colored pants

¥29,800(JPY) Size #26

Jeans with Medusa stitch

¥19,800(JPY) Size #30



What I introduce to you is a only one part, we have more vintage clothes and bags in the shop.

If you are interested, go to check our Instagram and online store!!

One more thing, we ship worldwide and shipping is free!!(but we are not responsible for import taxes)

When you come to Tokyo, please stop by AMORE Aoyama for Hermes, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc…

AMORE Omotesando for Chanel’s bags and AMORE Wardrobe for Chanel’s clothes.

If you have any questions or difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us.



INSTAGRAM : amore_tokyo

EMAIL : info@amorevintagetokyo.com


Click here to Versace items directly